TenTree Clothing Company

TenTree Clothing Company promises to plant 10 trees for every item it sells. Is looking to plant a Billion Trees by 2030.

With B-Corp certification and  lofty sustainability goals there is a lot to like about this brand.

It’s good to see a focus on the materials too, not just opting to do someting  good with profits but to manufacture sustainably too. Someting that’s often missed by “for good” brands:

“We believe that our commitment to sustainability extends beyond planting trees. In fact, it is woven (pun intended) into everything we do. Every tentree item is made using a blend of sustainable fabrics. Here, you will find a few examples of some of the environmentally progressive fabrics we use in our products. Whether it is organic cotton, recycled polyester, cork, or coconut; you can feel good about how your product is made, and what it is made with!”


While sadly it is not locally manufactured, it is WRAP compliant which is probably second best, ensuring good working conditions wherever a product is made.  http://www.wrapcompliance.org

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