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Melbourne Branding Consultant

My Strategic Approach

I’ve developed my own unique approach to Brand Strategy that is as effective as it is simple. I like to think it’s the most bull sh*t free, empowering and flexible approach you will find.

I have a clear and proven process I follow [The Design Thinking Process] as well as hundreds of tools to help me dissect a Brand, the market, consumers and trends, all of which I can draw on if and when needed.

Some of the start-ups I work with may require a much more Agile approach. It’s more about how to quickly bring a new product to the market in an iterative way which will allow for ongoing development. Fail fast!

Much of my work is about uncovering narratives and bringing them to life, visually and verbally. This usually means articulating a central Brand purpose as well as lots of minor Brand stories. I develop both the visual & verbal aspects of the narratives across a broad range of media, from packaging to digital, environmental and experiential.

My strategy work includes a 360 degree approach. This is simply working out how and where best to communicate all the narratives in such a way that they work together for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

How I build your Brand






I’ve worked with many different strategic approaches over the years and have distilled all the best parts into one. It is based on the Classic Design Thinking process but modified specifically for the unique challenges of Branding, combining both research with creativity. On every project I look at each client’s own unique situation and then I pick out the right tools and steps for them. Unlike an agency I don’t slavishly follow the rules and can tear them up if needed. This gives my clients excellent value for money, as they get to focus only on the relevant steps, instead of, as you get with an agency, being forced to jump though a number of hoops that may be completely irrelevant.


I’m currently running: How to build an Authentic Brand led Company, workshops. If you have an established business but don’t have a strong purpose, this could be for you.

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