About me

Melbourne Branding Consultant

Lee Whitfield Brand Consultant


My approach is based on developing ideas ‘with’ clients not ‘for’ clients. Agencies typically take a brief then go away and develop ideas away from the client. Whilst I can do this, I much prefer to develop ideas in partnership with clients. The results are more authentic and true to the client’s values and they are more invested in the ideas and are more passionate about them.

The majority of agencies are not very flexible in how they work. They have strict rules and systems they must use for every client. As a Consultant I look at each project on its own merits and tailor the service I provide to match each client’s own unique needs. I can skip steps, add new steps, switch to agile development, start projects at different stages, all depending on the client’s specific requirements. On a typical project my fees will be half of what an agency would charge.

To achieve this I have developed my own unique process that allows me to work seamlessly with new clients, regardless of how much experience they have or how well established their Brand is. The process is a mix of inspiration, research, ideation and creation. Depending on the client and the job I pull in the relevant tools and specialists, where necessary, to help us achieve the desired results. You don’t get passed from account manager, to junior designer, to company director, to strategy manager, it’s just me working with you all the way, taking complete responsibility for building your brand.

If that sounds like what you need then please do get in touch.



A little more

My approach is what could best be described as Anti-Advertising. Some of the best brands I know, from big to small, get by with little to no advertising, Aesop, Tesla, Zara, Dresden Optics…. They all have a Brand first strategy that focuses on experiences, actions, activities, processes, partnerships etc. It’s less about empty advertising promises and more about making meaningful connections with customers and communicating those activities. Of course there is a role for marketing and advertising and I do this to build awareness but making empty promises that products will make you happy, more attractive to women, have lots of friends or win a million $’s doesn’t really cut it in 2020. There is no better example of this than Tesla. They persuade 500,000 to buy a new car without a poster, flyer, TV or Radio Ad because their CEO understands branding. If you want to chat about this in more detail, please get in touch.

I put my heart and soul into what I do and that can only happen if I feel a good rapport with clients. It isn’t “just business“ for me. If clients are doing anything shady or deceitful I’m not interested. I’m in this for the long haul so it’s important both parties feel this is going to work out well.

I believe business should be a force for good in the world. Over the years I have seen brands who have incorporated ‘beyond profit’ activities into their businesses increase customer loyalty and advocacy and be preferenced over competing brands. With most of my clients I look for narratives that match with a clients unique set of circumstances and work with them to develop a beyond profit side to their Brand.