AXIOS Living – Brand Creation

Branded Car

This project was another enjoyable collaboration with Bill, a serial entrepreneur who I have work with in the past on a number of start ups.

I was commissioned to come up with the name, brand identity and positioning for the company. After doing our Brand Discovery work we uncovered “we help the helpers” as the Brand Essence. Axios Living we found was a company that wants to be less vocal about itself and more vocal about who it helps and why.

The company name, AXIOS comes from the Greek word worthy and reflects the idea that everyone is “worthy” of a good home. The company provides homes for people from all walks of life including the more marginalised members of society. We felt the name was a good reflection of what we were trying to achieve and tied into the clients heritage too.

The shapes and colours of the visual identity reflect the company’s values of inclusivity and diversity. We also wanted the visual identity to fit with the values of our clients too and make them feel, straight away, “at ease” with the brand. The two arrows symbolise the “opening up”of opportunities.

AXIOS Living


Axios Stationary