Introducing Mililk – The Future of Oat Milk: Just Add Water and Blend!

Veganz  is set to revolutionize the way we enjoy oat milk with their latest innovation – Mililk. These 2D-printed oat milk sheets address essential concerns for both consumers and the environment: waste reduction, water conservation, and lower carbon emissions.

Each sheet produces 250 ml of oat milk, and for those who prefer a smaller portion, just tear off what you need. All it takes is adding water and blending for 30 seconds, and you’ll have the perfect milk for your cappuccino or morning muesli.

These oat milk sheets are made with oat powder, a touch of water, coconut oil, chickpea isolate, salt, vanillin, and gellan gum. The carefully selected ingredients ensure a smooth, velvety texture and delightful milk foam that perfectly complements your favorite beverages.

Owned by German plant-based food group Veganz, Mililk is just the beginning of their exciting 2D-printed food and beverage offerings. You can pre-order Mililk oat milk barista sheets now at a discounted rate, with delivery scheduled for mid-August 2023. For EUR 17.99, you’ll receive enough sheets to produce 10 liters of milk. Worried about shelf-life? Fear not, as Mililk is undergoing thorough testing, and an estimated shelf-life of 12 to 24 months is anticipated.