Why Hire a Branding Consultant

Melbourne Branding Consultant

Why Hire a Branding Consultant?

No matter how big or small your company is, its biggest asset is its brand. A good brand can mean the difference between profit and loss, advocacy or disinterest, success or failure. Yet few companies have a dedicated Head Of Brand, someone who is there checking in on the big ideas, the key narratives and how they are being executed. I help clients with either small parts of a project, the whole project end to end or as an ongoing advisor for all things Brand related.

In many cases I operate as the inside guy. The in-house Branding Consultant that assists clients in making better branding decisions. Having a brand consultant on-boards helps companies get the best out of creative agencies and other suppliers and helps them make better creative and design decisions. Someone who is checking communications and business strategies are joined up, are resonating with consumers and aligned with the brand purpose.

“Having a branding professional in the inside WILL lead to better brand decisions”


Melbourne Branding Consultant - Lee Whitfield