The Climate Crisis is hurting Brand Australia

Bushfire Australia

Australia’s reputation took a significant hit with its main trading partners after the Black Summer fires, an Austrade survey reveals.

The survey, which was published last month, was commissioned by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and cost $292,000. It quizzed about 10,000 people in seven countries.

The Survey found 53% of respondents would buy Australian produce, down from 62% in July 2019. 60% would trade with Australia, down from 65% and 49% would still travel to Australia, down from 57% in July 2019. These are big numbers and would translates to Billion $s in lost trade for Australia.

The Austrade’s Global Sentiment Monitor report found. “ineffective disaster management practices and inaction on climate change were contributing to negative perceptions of Australia” 

How to fix the repetitional damage?

Own the problem and champion its resolution. The response has to be proper environmental reform, genuine climate action and vastly increased firefighting resources, not a social media campaign.” says Wilderness Society policy manager Tim Beshara. “Our reputation in protecting our wildlife is damaging our international reputation and reducing our economic opportunities”

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