Space X and Tesla look a lot like the same Brand and that is really working out well for both.

From design to nomenclature, Tesla and Space X look a lot like the same brand and this is clearly winning it for Elon Musk.

On a language level the two brands are aligned in many places. Astronauts ride in a Tesla Model X with its Falcon wing doors on their way to the Space X Falcon rocket. Both Falcon & X being repeated across both brands.

The Astronauts space suits and the interiors of the Model X look like they come from exactly the same design language. As if they were designed together from the start.



The UX/UI of the Space X Dragon Crew Capsule looks just like it came from a Tesla Model Three. Both opting for simple touch screen interfaces, with buttons mostly gone.


I can only speculate how deliberate this is. Is it more of a result of two teams following the same first principals and underlying design philosophy, or are employees sharing lots of info between the two companies?

Even with Riots & Corona Virus sweeping USA, Tesla (TSLA) has risen in recent days on the stock market. This is without any significant market news from the company. While Space X just secured $346 Million in new funding with ease.

Correlation does not equal causation but it’s hard not to conclude that the Space X brand is helping the Tesla brand to reach new heights (pun intended) and vice versa. Space X success looks like Tesla success. If you want to look like “the car company of the future” this is how you do it.

And let’s not forget, Space X did fire a Tesla into space too!