Simple Brands Win – No Wait! – Broad Brands Win…

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Ever get the feeling most Branding and Marketing experts are just making stuff up? It does feel like most of the time we are just trying to make sense of something that can’t really be truly understood. Today I read two articles, one explaining why Broad Brands work and another explaining why Simple Brands work. Mark Di Somma trying to make sense of Brands that don’t follow the rules but succeed HERE Margaret Molloy tells us why Simple Brands win. HERE

When it comes to the crunch a Brand is still very much about the product and the company behind it. If the company is producing quality products at the right price and getting them into the right places then they are getting the biggest bit right. As Wolff Olins like to say “What you do is more important than what you say” If you have a clear purpose that is reflected in your products and in your company culture, then you are doing the business bit right. Marketing and Branding only works, long term, if you are building on the product benefits and the two are aligned. Both Simple Brands or Broad Brands can succeed as long as they are delivering a product or service people want to buy and they are accompanied by a consistent message people want to and hear.