My Motivation…

What motivate me is this Infographic. It shows what a lack of choice there is in FMCG when it comes to Brand ownership. If you took store brands off the shelves, as well a these top 10 company’s products then Coles and Wollies would be pretty empty places. These sorts of monopolies are bad for us all as they stifle competition, innovation and real choice. A Melbourne company trying to break into the market faces an uphill struggle to compete with these giants. Their power when it comes to distribution, advertising and logistics is formidable. It’s also bad for the local economy with jobs, profits and resources all going offshore as well as taxes too. If I can help a Melbourne company, compete with these Brands then I feel like I’m making a difference. If that company has higher values too, better still.


When Melburnians are given the chance to create and innovate they do amazing things. Look at our laneways and café culture, our craft beers, our local produce, architecture and break out brands like Crumpler and Aesop. Given a chance we can do amazing things and at the heart of everything sits a great brand. Anyone setting up a new brand needs as much help as possible, if they are going to compete. Helping clients to understand how these global brands operate, empowers them. Helping them join the dots to uncover their essence and find ways to articulate it can make all the difference when trying to get a new product Top Of Mind.

Being able to get good free advice and ongoing support is crucial and I’m happy to provide this.