I love this Brand Communication from Who Gives A Crap

I think every Brand should do this as an exercise. Get everyone in the company, and I mean everyone, from the cleaning staff to the CEO and imagine what your company news paper would look like…. What products and staff stories, values and interests would you talk about that reflect your Brand essence?

Creating a news paper would make a great exercise for any company looking to better understand its role in the world. It would help it understand how employees see the company and improve company culture. A project like this would also help a brand finesse its style, personality and tone of voice.

What makes this much more than just a piece of marketing is it moves well beyond sales. There are sales elements in the paper but there is much more too. We see clearly the company’s values on full display with items like “This shocking tree story,” which connects readers with the company’s purpose and mission, in a fun and informative way. People remember a company’s values as clearly as they do products, which means Who Gives A Crap is connecting with readers on multiple levels with this story.

Above all else this news paper is fun. The irreverent humour which the brand has been known for, from the beginning, is front and centre. I often say to clients use the conversation around your water cooler to define your authentic tone of voice, and I feel that’s very much happening here.

At the centre of every item you can always feel a connection back to the Brand be it in the humour, the personality, the style or the subject matter. It takes classic news paper themes and views them through a Who Give A Crap Brand lens. This news paper is building a world around the Brand’es perspective and that’s what the very best Brands do.

What I also like is  the fact it’s a news paper, because everyone thinks news papers are dead. Traditional papers may be dying but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their place and it doesn’t mean they are not an excellent way of communicating.  It encourages readers to spend time with the Brand and that’s something you don’t get with most media these days.

Nice work, Who Gives A Crap, I very much enjoyed reading this while sitting down taking a…..



A quick guide to creating your own Brand News Paper

1: Be sure you know what your company is in the world to do and you have a Mission Statement written down.

2: Know what your core values are.

3: Set up a template for the Brand’s Style and Personality – Know what your “Tone of Voice” will be and any key words.

4: Get Creative – Brainstorm contents using any magazine or paper for inspiration.   

5: Create a list of product stories, to trim down later to a top few.

6: Create a rough framework – With potential Content ideas & layout.

7: Do ask everyone to contribute – All staff, business partners, friends….

8: Be Authentic, visionary and credible and don’t be afraid to be different.