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Melbourne Skyline – Pat Whelen
Meeting – Nik Macmillan
B&W Strategy Meeting – Charles Deluvio
Brand Coaching – Jordan Madrid
Robot Sushi – Kevin Laminto
Privacy Policy – SHVETS production
Lee Whitfield Portrait – Lydia Shaw

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St Kilda Luna Park – Reki Woo
Meeting  – Headway

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Melbourne Pedestrian Crossing – Josh Calabrese
CCT Camera – Henry & Co.
Bad Branding – William Chew
Workshops – Szolkin
Discover Drone – Tom Rumble
Develop Tools – Pixabay
Develop Concert – Markus Spiske

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Man reading News Paper – Jorge Gardner

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All Pages – Ubuntu Family Ubuntu & Norwester

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MY Logo/Icon by, the man, the #legend Mr Stan the Man Chow
Random icons and vectors via FreePik

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Lisa Jaffe

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