Create an amazing Brand and customers will create Ads for you.

It’s no secret that having a strong Brand is far more valuable to a company than a flashy ad campaign but Tesla have created such a phenomenal Brand that their customers are now making adverts for them.

Following up on a letter from a 10 year old, Bria Loveday, who suggested they hold a video contest, Tesla have launched Project Loveday. We thought that was a great idea (thanks Bria)” – Elon Musk tweeted.

Fans have been making these for a while so it’s not a new idea but it’s yet another great way Tesla demonstrate they are listening and are ‘driving’ participation in the Brand. Here’s a Customer Commercial from 2014.

A few decent entries have already dropped in for Project Loveday and no doubt a few Creative Agency owners who drive Tesla’s will be putting this onto the side project list, so we can expect a few more good ones.

OK so this one is a bit cheesy and it isn’t going to win any awards but hey companies pay millions for ad campaigns and get a lot less PR than this competition is getting.

It’s a pity the prizes are a bit pony, I would have thought a trip to Mars for the winner should have been on offer?!


I thought it was worth adding this new Project Loveday video which shows how customers are getting even more creative and focussing on the Brand. This one is a satirical video that pokes fun at those protesting against Tesla’s mission to shift away from a fossil fuel burning economy. They have also set up a web page to go with it [] which has a number of other videos.

“Greetings, oil product consumer. The time has come to make a decisive choice. Listen to your pumping heart, and let not our riches of your labor be lost to this Model 3!” –