Meisterline & KUJI

I worked with Dr Peter Macmillan, the founder of Meisterline, from the very start of the Re-Branding & Re-Positioning process. In the beginning we worked together to uncover the Meisterline Brand Essence and Key Narratives and out of that process the KUJI sub-brand emerged too. When we had this all nailed down I helped Peter engage the services of a local Branding Agency (Principle Design) and assisted him in putting together a creative brief for them. As the project has progressed, I have worked on all aspects of the brand, including the KUJI sub brand, designing the UX/UI for the Online Questionnaire. The idea was to take users on a journey and create a unique immersive environment for them. As I write this, we are continuing the roll out of Brand and I’m currently working with the client on Brand Communication and Social Media strategies.