What Brands can learn from Hoxie Spritzer’s success

What you brand can learn - Melbourne Branding Consultant

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Good Read on Fast Co about Hoxie Spritzer which neatly covers all the key ingredients for Brand success.


1: Be Authentic. They say “Everyone has a novel in them” and I think it’s true to say everyone has a Brand in them too. Somewhere inside we all have an idea or a skill that would resonate with other people and could be turned into a successful Brand. The trick is uncovering/spotting it.

2: A great Brand is still about the product. At the end of the day you have to be selling something that is good, different and relevant to people’s lives. Marketing can only take a Brand so far.

3: Know when to listen to your customers. Knowing when to do your own thing, your own unique way is important but you have to know when to stop and listen too.

4: A brand is a story. You may have that great product but having a good back story, giving people a reason to care, letting them share in your journey, all will help consumers to connect on a deeper level. People and personalities are a very important part of the story and the hero’s journey.

5: Right place right time. There is always a certain amount of luck involved in building a successful Brand and timing is a big part of it. A successful idea today could be a duff idea tomorrow and vice versa.