Australia tumbles 7 places in FutureBrand Country Index

Country index

The FutureBrand Country Index measures the strength of perception of countries around the world in the same way we measure consumer or corporate brands.

In the eighth edition they examine what transforms a country from a spot on a map to a place survey respondents ultimately want to invest in, live in, visit, and buy goods and services from. *Countries have traditionally been measured and ranked by measures of might – GDP, population size, even a sovereign’s nuclear arsenal. However, in the current day when our world is defined by rapid change, do these measures continue to make sense in the ranking of nations?

In the recent 2019 Report Australia tumbled 7 spots, falling behind New Zealand. (!!!)

Future Brand noted:

“Quality of Life perceptions degraded most for Australia. High cost of living may explain the drop: disposable income per household has been steadily dropping in the past five years. In Australia, homelessness is on the rise due to a lack of affordable housing, increasing by up to 70% over the past decade in New South Wales”

“While there were many other factors that could have lead to a fall, including Environmental Friendliness and life perceptions these were considered the main issues.”

On a positive note, for Australia, Sydney moved up four places on the Most Influential Cities Ranking. Future brand notes, Sydney has become a challenger for the pre-eminent positions and climbing four rungs up the ladder isn’t a meager gain.”

I did reach out to Future Brand to see where Melbourne was on the list but at the time of writing have had no reply.

You can download the report here:

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