Are you really going to design a static logo in 2016?


Seoul City Museum of Art – identity renewal [Link]

If your new visual identity/brand expression is not moving in 2016 then it probably will not be moving consumers. In case you haven’t spotted it yet, logos that move are the new logo movement.
I’m not saying animated logos are a new thing, I did a few myself many moons ago, when flash was the new big thing. (Yes, hard to believe!) Back then, there was a rush to make everything on the web move and respond but now they really are now coming of age as we have more and more interactive digital experiences available to us. As posters get replace with digital signage, transmaterials and interactive building facades become more common and the internet of things creates more screens for us to interact with, then the possibilities for responsive brand identities multiply.

Google really brought things forward last year with their re-design, demonstrating animated, responsive and interactive features with their new branding. It wasn’t just a gimmick, it was created to enhance the user experience, better communicate their brand story and streamline functionality. In their words “The incorporation of dynamic, intelligent motion that responded to users at all stages of an interaction. A systematic approach to branding in our products to provide consistency in people’s daily encounters with Google. A refinement of what makes us Googley, combining the best of the brand our users know and love with thoughtful consideration for how their needs are changing.”


Google logo [Link]

In 2016 expect to see brands use interactive, responsive and animated designs a lot more to better communicate their brand proposition and parts of their brand story. Some brands will choose ‘ground up’ projects and some will go with minor tweaks of existing digital assets. Check out Wolff Olins work for Enel, which shows how an animated identity can bring a brand to life and better communicate the brand story. [Link]

ENEL_case study_03

Enel Launch Video from Wolff Olins on Vimeo.