Melbourne Branding Consultant

Photo Credits

Strategy Page – Main Image [Hands] Death to stock
Shout Image – [Bad Branding] William Chew
Majong Image [Strategy page] Sebastian “Basti” Bojek
Creative “Shouting Girl” [Home Page] Seth Woodworth
City Background [Strategy Page] Davide D’Amico
People Walking [Strategy Page] Jade Deakin
Sweatshop Image [What is a brand PDF] Danijel James
Open Image [My Presentation] Jill G

Font Credits

All Pages – Ubuntu Family Ubuntu

Illustration Credits

Logo/Icon by, the man, the #legend Mr Stan the Man Chow Stanley Chow Illustration
Random icons and vectors via FreePik

Web site Development

Did I use your work and not credit you? I’m sorry, please don’t sue my ass! I try and keep on top of this but sometimes they slip through. Get in touch if I have.

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