Case Study – Construction Advisor

Posted by Lee Whitfield on Apr 12, 2018 in Brand, Brand Strategy, Branding, Case Studies

Last year Construction Advisor approached me looking for help building their brand. They had many of the key elements already in place but were struggling to bring it all together into a bold outstanding Brand. Like many of my clients, the solution to their problems was right in front of them, they were just so focussed on the functional aspects of building the business they didn’t initially recognise the key brand idea’s greater potential. Together we managed to unpack the Brand Essence [focussing on the wellbeing of people in construction] and develop all the key functional & emotional narratives. Looking at what was needed to engage with target users, I went on to demonstrate how it could all be brought to life visually, with this video being produced as a result of that work…


Melbourne Branding Consultant - Lee Whitfield